The above plans are for those that are committed to attending sessions with me once every week. It's a commitment for you and myself in a professional coach-client relationship that we build together.

Helping you along your journey of ascension is my passion and purpose in life for I have been where you are and continue to go deeper in my own healing. I too, have my one coach and attend weekly sessions. I say this to help you get to know me and my own personal commitments to healing and growing on a moment to moment basis.

I'd love to be your coach and support you as you learn, grow, and transform the reality around you to match your deepest desires. You have those desires for a reason and that reason is a reality that you can bring to fruition through your inner work. Let's build ourselves up together! 

Infinite Love,

Crystal Rose

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I am not a Licensed Psychologist or Health Care Professional, and my services do not

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If you feel you are experiencing a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, please immediately contact the
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