Client Feedback

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear

- Mark Twain

I absolutely love and adore Crystals readings. If we were rating out of 5, she'd definitely be a 5 out of 5. I've had several done by her and they are so amazing every single time. She speaks so sweetly and eloquently. She is a wonderful divine channel and is always connected to love. The readings she provides are healing as well. They make me shed tears. She sincerely has a gift.

| A . S . |

Crystal’s readings are insanely accurate! There wasn’t a message that didn’t make sense or was out of place. It was like she was able to tune in exactly to where I am on my journey (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) and provide a path of guidance to help me maneuver through the difficulties and hurdles I’m struggling with right now. If you want some help getting a clear picture of where you are, what the reality is, and where to focus your efforts to work through current struggles, I highly recommend her services!

| V . D . |

"The reading I got from Crystal was very motivational and a relief. She came with her reading at the right moment, when I wondered if I was moving forward. She has pointed me to feelings and thoughts I couldn't put a finger on clearly and this brought me peace together with knowing I am on the right track. After the reading I took the advice written there and attempted to see what she has been seeing, this helped me moving forward and feeling more delight and energy! Crystal is wonderful to help you finding peace in your journey and to move forward with more joy and ease.


I had a Twin Flame Card Reading with Crystal Rose earlier today (11/8/17) that I had been looking forward to all week! Well... it was worth the wait! The messages from the Divine came through SO perfectly and Crystal's loving, balanced and calm energy delivered the messages with effortless grace and passion! Everything I needed to know was revealed to me! Crystal created such a warm, loving space and encouraged me to ask any questions I had throughout. She also gave me a really awesome exercise for loving myself which has helped tremendously! I'm so grateful to have met this beautiful soul. Thank you Crystal!

| S . A . |